November 6, 2020

What Went Before

Tur Printers is a Pakistan based printing company founded in 1985. Since its inception we were devoted to printing accessories mainly for the Textile Industries including the International companies having their buying houses in Pakistan. There by meeting their export requirements. Under the leadership of Founder Mr. M Tariq Rashid (Late) and in the supervision of Executive Director-Mr. Atiph Shafi Tur underwent a steady period of growth and diversification.

In 1990, Tur printers became the only approved vender for Levi’s in Pakistan, manufacturing it’s all sorts of hangtags, labels and apparel accessories.

In 1996, for the first time in Pakistan, Tur introduced its highly advance and unique Rotary-Letterpress. Thus began its production for all kinds of fabric label printing. This contributed immensely towards the company’s rapid growth.

Than in 1998, Nike acknowledged Tur Printers globally. The company became the Nike’s worldwide-approved source for Hangtags and Labels.

In 2004, JC Penny approved Tur for its care labels.

In 2009, Tur become H&M approved vendor.

The consistency with which the firm grew is remarkable. Thus it is considered to be a contemporary and reputable organization of its own kind. Tur backed its machinery and manpower by an efficient client service personal to ensure that customer services extended beyond expectations.