November 6, 2020

Happening Now

Tur Printers was established with the vision that it is going to be recognized amongst the top leading printing companies of Pakistan. At present after almost 25 years it has achieved the status of a firm that manufactures all sorts of high quality printing labels and hangtags for garments and textile industry.

Tur has now taken a credible uplift in the packaging sector, it renders technical services such as imported machinery, all kind of Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic etc. tools and spare parts to the industry. We are producing very high quality unit cartons, direction slip-inserts for pharmaceutical industry. Also, offering absolute solutions to the local packaging market. We are producing large-small size paper plates and fires paper bags for food industry. Our wide range of printed self adhesive reel to reel labels are especially supporting those firms that have already moved to faster production line systems. The Flexographic print-unit is making it all happen efficiently in a short span of time. Our company has pioneered a fast production-line system geared to maximize its turnover of products and profits.

Tur has emerged as one printing press which caters to its clients needs from requirement appreciation to designing, art work processing, printing, binding, finishing and packaging onto delivery. This integration of all services under one roof has made the customers requirements within budget along with quality and quick product delivery. We have put the best machines, raw materials and manpower within an efficient management system to deliver quality and speedy services.

Presently, Tur has a very impressive production plant containing the latest lithographic presses like Heidelberg speed masters up to 6 color. We are fully equipped to manufacture attractive Hang tags, Care labels, Garment stickers, Belly bands, UPC tickets, Self adhesive labels on PVC and transparent substrates, Flexible film labels and all ranges of FMCG’s etc.


  • Tur also renders technical services to the printing and packaging industry in the country.
  • Tur has professional staff which deals in all kind of technical tools and spare parts such as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, bearing, cam and consumables etc.