November 6, 2020

Founder Message

M.Tariq Rashid (Founder), sharing moments…

Sitting in my office after a hard work of 25 years; I asked myself, what really was the key to our success? And I say bluntly ‘Research & development’. Innovation through search and development gave us a leading edge over others.

  • There is no doubt that skills are vital but they are of no use, unless you have the courage to utilize them. Tur knows how to utilize its resources in the most efficient manner.
  • Fighting with problems everyday in production is just like solving a difficult mathematical equation. But I assure you, that the pleasure of solving equations is greater than making heavy profits. Profits are easy. They are easy as if you are smoking cigarettes while having a good chat.
  • In my view setting targets are most important aspect of business; but making sure that we achieve them on daily bases is even more important. I believe what makes Gates, Murdoch and Branson excellent entrepreneurs is their ability to achieve their targets.
  • As a leader you must have a clear vision. Then you should plan and set targets and discover strategies to achieve those targets.

Concentration is a killer ingredient, it sustains stability in business.

M.Tariq Rashid
Chief Executive